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Cultural Marketing & Consulting
Cultural marketing is the biggest key to success for brands in China today — it's more important than the product, the distribution, or state-of-the-art technologies like AI. It focuses on the deep knowledge of the market habits and tastes in a different country.

Chinese customers are undoubtedly more demanding, more sensitive, and less keen on passively accepting a top-down institutional approach than other targets in the past, but their hearts can be won on their terms."
— Jing Daily
Who We Are
LaowaiMe is a China cultural marketing & consulting agency which helps companies to understand Chinese consumers and their lifestyle. We are a diverse team of Chinese and long-term expats who truly understand, live and breathe Chinese culture.

We apply cultural insights to localize your business strategy and creativity for real competitive advantage.

Our headquarters is in Shanghai, the world's most bustling city. You're always welcome for a coffee and free consultation. Contact us!
What We Do
We offer a wide range of marketing and creative services for companies working with China
- Cultural immersion and observation
- Field research, ethnography, and reportage
- Market research and surveys
- Local expert and influencer panels
- Focus groups (F2F and virtual)
- Social listening
- Foresight and scenario planning
- Market entry strategy
- Cultural sensitivity checks
- Branding
- Naming
- Localization
- Adaptation
- Copywriting
- Video production
- Social media platforms solutions
- Graphic design and illustration
- Marketing campaigns
- New concepts
- Viral content
- Private consulting
- Intercultural training
- Executive coaching
- Understanding China educational programs
- Cultural sensitivity workshops and training

Artem Zhdanov is a sinologist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author, vlogger, and podcaster. He has been living in China for over 10 years.

Artem is a founder and chief editor of EKD, the most popular Russian language media about China, with a global readership of 300K. He is also a guest lecturer on MBA Executive program by Shanghai University and FEFU.

Instagram: chinartem
Why Culture Matters?
Cultural marketing is a specific type of marketing whose aim is to promote a message, a service, or a product to a group of potential purchasers from a particular culture or demographic.

In any business, the first thing you need to do is to understand your target audience as clearly as possible: in what conditions they live, how they spend leisure time, what they eat for breakfast, etc. Many foreign companies entering the Chinese market still underestimate the importance of knowing the culture and history of the country because it doesn't increase sales immediately. However, in the long term, it helps a lot.

Chinese consumers are the most sophisticated and most sensitive in the world, and the Chinese market is radically different from north to south, from big to small cities, from one ethnic group to another. A global approach and general concepts will not work here.

The main key to success in China is a deep understanding of the local culture, its diversity, as well as constant monitoring of what is happening in society. The cultural component makes it possible to create an effective marketing strategy that will be appreciated by the locals.
We film extraordinary vlogumentaries that highlight China's people and culture, from Shanxi's ancient Datong to a metropolis of the future Chongqing, we keep our pulse on China's ever-changing identity.

We love to work in the field, and with a wide network throughout China, we enjoy unlimited access to hard-to-enter people, places, and enterprises. With video creation skills honed on the road, we're able to create impressive videos for you and your customers.
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